Above The Law: Nigerian soldiers force man to swim inside dirty water (Video)

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The 'bloody civilian' getting tortured

Some men of the Nigeria Military once again showed their barbarity when they forced a man to swim in a muddy pool of water as punishment for an offense.

A video showing another display of reckless abuse of power by men of the Nigeria Army is currently circulating on the social media after they tortured a man and forced him to swim in a muddy pool of water.

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Though the man's offense could not be ascertained, he is seen being made to swim in the dirty pool of water while two soldiers stand by the side giving him the orders and threatening to deal with him if he did not swim to their satisfaction.

Residents and other passersby are also seen and heard begging with the officers to have mercy on the victim but all their pleas fell on deaf ears as they made sure the man received the bizarre punishment to their satisfaction.

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This is not the first time where soldiers and other military and para-military personnel have taken the laws into their hands to torture civilians over minor offenses. A case in mind was the brutality meted out to a physically challenged man by soldiers in Onitsha, Anambra State, for wearing camouflage trousers.

Watch the video here.

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