Bisi Alimi: Gay rights activist criticizes Nigerians for welcoming Richard Quest

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Homosexual Bisi Alimi is one of the most influential gays

Alimi, who has received a great deal bashing for his sexuality criticized the enthusiasm surrounding Quest's visit to Nigeria.

Gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has criticized his countrymen over the hero's welcome given to homosexual CNN reporter, Richard Quest, who is currently on a visit to Nigeria.

In what he terms as hypocrisy, Alimi expressed displeasure over the open incessant attacks on his personality, but wonders why such treatment was not directed at the English journalist.


"So I heard Richard Quest is in Nigeria and as usual, my people are drooling over him.

"These are the same Nigerians that will not allow an openly gay person on their screen, or even give one a job.

"What is different about Richard Quest that makes his homosexuality harmless but my homosexuality as a Nigeria scary and threatening?

"Is it that my people think my homosexuality is in some way earth destroying but that is Richard comforting or as a people we just lack pure emotional intelligence to appreciate our own?

"My heart bleeds for Nigeria, it does make me cry for my LGBT brothers and sisters," Alimi commented in an Instagram post published on Monday, April 24, 2017.

Alimi, who got married in 2016 to his British lover, Anthony has taken any opportunity presented to him in lashing at those who have negative opinion about his sexuality.

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Clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleman was at the receiving end of the gay activist's piercing remark over his alleged sex scandal.

A lady named Stephanie Obodo had accused Suleman of having sexual relations with her linking other popular celebrities to the affair.

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