Bobrisky: Male barbie finally admits to being gay

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Bobrisky dazzles in an all black attire.

After months of constant denials, Nigerian male barbie has finally come out of the closet to accept that he is gay and is proud of his achievements.

After months of constant denial to questions about his sexual orientation, Nigerian male barbie, Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky, has decided to come out of the closet to admit that he is gay.

Bobrisky who has always found a way to be in the news both for good and bad reasons, took to his Instagram page to admit he is a homosexual and listed all the achievements he has made on account of his being gay.

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In all the interviews he has had with media outfits over the past years, Bobrisky had maintained that he has always been straight, even challenging journalists to come out with clear evidence of his gay dalliances with men.


But many Nigerians had never been fooled with his denials going by his bleached skin, super long nails, feminine clothes and always talking about his rich 'baes' who made sure he lacked nothing.

But to douse all the talks and despite the fact that gays are endangered species in Nigeria, Bobrisky has decided to come out and rest all the speculations surrounding his sexual status.

This is what he posted on his IG account:

Nigerian male Barbie took to his IG page to list his achievements at only age 25. He wants his haters to know he is succeeding in life. Read his post after the cut...

"Yes I'm gay or straight; how is it u guys problem? I have over 11 visas in my passport, I live in 5 bedrooms duplex alone in Lekki, well furnished.

U can check my snap for enough videos, not with friends. Haters will say is not my house, that I rented it.

At least I pay rent, I have access to it whenever I want. I drive a 2012 Benz; I also own a Lexus and a Toyota Camry. Abeg what other achievements can I have at 25 years and more still coming?

So continue hating, na u sabi. If na my bleach dey pain u, abeg go bleach urs too cos na light skin dey market now."


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However, Nigerians are wondering what could have prompted him to come out at this time to agree that he is gay knowing that many will come all out for him.

In 2014, former President Goodluck Jonathan signed the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act which criminalizes homosexuality and imposing prison terms of up to 14 years for people prosecuted under the act.


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