Deadly Jealousy: Woman bathes rival with hot water (Graphic Photos)

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A married woman is currently battling for her life after her rival bathed her with boiling water during a fight.

A woman is battling for her life after her jealous co-wife emptied a pot of boiling water on her, scathing her body including breasts, stomach, back and private parts.

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The incident, according to Zuma Times Hausa, happened in the Northern parts of the country where the two women are married to the same man but have not lived in peace as they often found a way to battle each for their husband's attention.

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Though details on the cause of the deadly fight were not given, it was gathered that the assailant had carefully boiled the water and laid in wait for her rival and when she came out of her, the rival emptied the boiling water on her, causing her severe burns.

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