Domestic Violence: Mobil engineer breaks wife's head with hammer in Akwa Ibom

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The battered woman, Ntienseobot Anietimfon Ekere

An engineer with Exxon Mobil has been called out by women rights groups after he battered his wife and broke her head with a hammer.

An engineer with a frontline oil company, Exxon Mobil, Engineer Anietimfon Festus Ekere has been called out by women and human rights groups after he allegedly used a hammer to break the head of his wife.

According to Prince Abubakar Aphyz‎ who posted the photos of the woman, Ntienseobot Ekere on the Facebook page of Due Process Advocates (DPA), the incident happened during a domestic quarrel between the engineer and his wife at their residence, 1, Udo Umoh Close, Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital.

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Ntienseobot Ekere with her broken head

Photo Credit: DPA

In the photos posted on the page, Ntienseobot is pictured with her injured and bleeding head as a result of the beating the mother of five got from her husband.

This is how Aphyz captured the incident:

"She was battered by her hubby (domestic violence). Her husband hit her head with a hammer and threw her out at an ungodly hour of the night.

The man's name is Engr. Anietimfon Festus Ekere and work with Exxon Mobile. The worst part is that they've been married for 20 years, with five children.

This man arrested the wife because he had bribed the police after treating her like a dog. We want justice for this woman. What can this group fight for her?"

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Ntienseobot Ekere is crying for justice

Photo Credit: DPA

It is not known if the engineer has been arrested by the police but several human rights groups have called on the police to wade in and get justice for the battered woman.

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