Human Parts Markets: Do these places really exist?

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Human parts sellers

There have been whispers about markets where human parts are sold but no evidence.

On Monday, April 24, 2017, Pulse Gist reported that residents of Pakata, Ilorin caught a man with human parts in his home.

A week earlier, a secondary student was murdered in his home by suspected ritualists. This month, a suspected human body parts seller was caught by dogs.

In April 2017, Pulse Gist has reported at least 5 stories of ritualists and human body parts.  This year, at least 20 stories. It does not seem that the discovery of ritualists who sell human body parts will stop anytime soon.


The frequency of such horrific discoveries means that there is a demand for human body parts. As crazy as this may seem, let us not forget that 'juju', 'jazz' and black magic are real things in this part of the world.

Nollywood in the mid-90s to early 00s focused an on money making rituals. There are tonnes of movies that tell the story of the protagonist who dabbles into the dark arts. He kills innocent people and uses their body parts for rituals to get rich quick.


This is not fiction, neither is it a formula to produce hit movies. It's real. People deal in human parts as a human business. They are thousands of stories of people who have disappeared never seen or heard from again. There are gory tales of people who took 'one chance' buses only to end up in a camp where humans are starved and their body parts sold. These are stories but not urban legends. They exist but not in plain sight.

In 1999, the discovery of Clifford Orji, the cannibal rocked Nigeria. Orji was arrested at Toyota Bus Stop on Oshodi/Apapa Expressway, with human parts. There were reports that he sold human parts to the high and mighty. In 2012, it was reported that he died in Kirikiri Maximum prison.


Concrete evidence is hard if you are hunting for a market where human parts are sold. Legend has it that there are markets where you can buy human parts across the country. Where are these markets? No one knows or rather no one wants to say.


In 2013, a hotel in Anambra called 'Upper Class Hotel', was demolished by the state government after human skulls and arms were allegedly discovered there.


In message boards on several public forums, there are threads about markets where human parts are sold. They can be categorised as Internet chatter with no concrete evidence.

Markets, where they sell human parts, can be said to be urban legends but people are disappearing while suspected ritualists are being caught. Who are buying these parts? And where are they selling them?

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