Kenny Ogungbe: Media entrepreneur says it took him 18 years to get radio license

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Kenny 'Keke' Ogungbe

Kennis Ogungbe reveals how long it took him to get a radio license and his plan to dominate TV.

We all know Kenny Ogungbe left DAAR Communications to start up his radio station Kennis FM.

In an interview with City People published this week, the veteran broadcaster said it took him 19 years to get his license.

"If I am to remind everybody, I applied for a radio license in 1999, this is 2017, that's 18 years ago. I was steadfast and faithful. Even my wife said she hadn't seen anyone as faithful as me. I kept telling her 'license would come out'.  18 years after, license came out, I'm happy. I give thanks to God" said Kenny Ogungbe in his interview.


High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, the Chairman of DAAR Communications was instrumental in getting a license for Kennis FM. The AIT and Raypower boss made the presentation to the Presidency for a license for Kenny Ogungbe's station. The music mogul described the presentation as "amazing."


Kennis FM will be entertainment driven according to Kenny Ogungbe. "When you say Kennis, what comes to your mind is music. We have been doing entertainment for the past 20 years; we can't leave entertainment and delve into something else. We stay here where we are comfortable, we are used to music and we stay with music."


'Keke' Ogungbe also has a TV station that will soon launch in Lagos. "We have a TV station. It's on the air in Jos and Abuja on DSO (Direct Switch Over). Its free of charge and open to air just like every other local station. It's coming to Enugu and Ilorin very soon and after that, we would resume plans to bring it to the big city, Lagos state" revealed Kenny Ogungbe.


On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, announced that he was no longer the Managing Director of DAAR Communications.

In 2012, Kenny Ogungbe was appointed as the Managing Director of DAAR Communications.

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