Morning Teaser: 'My father's young wife wants me in her bed'

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This young man is seriously confused and needs advice (Illustration)

Emeka is a prince but that has not stopped his father's wife from scheming to have him sleep with her despite knowing the consequences.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Emeka, a 27-year-old man. I graduated from a private university three years ago and have been in charge of my father's company in Lagos after he was made a traditional ruler in our hometown and had to travel often to the village.

My mother being the first wife, also had to relocate to the village with him leaving me to take care of the Lagos home front which includes my siblings, house helps and my 32-year-old stepmother who has now turned into a thorn in my flesh.

I knew there will be a problem when Chinwe refused to relocate to the village with my father saying she could not live in the local community after spending all her life in Lagos and London.

Apart from that, she argued, she needed to be in Lagos to oversee her boutique as no one would be able to handle it adequately.

So my parents left without her and that was when she began exhibiting her wayward lifestyle as she would go out at will and come back whenever she pleased and there was no one to call her to order.

As my father's wife, I could not caution her apart from always giving her advice but she would not listen to me. Chinwe was a party freak and she now took the opportunity of her husband's absence to frolic around town and when information got to my father, he came down to Lagos and warned her of the consequences of the kind of life she was living.

He also placed an embargo on her frequent outings, especially going out at night. And that was when my problems started as Chinwe now turned on me and tried to seduce me.

She has done everything to get me to have regular sex with her but apart from it being an abomination where I come from, being a prince, I cannot bring myself to sleep with my father's wife.

Now she has turned to threatening me that she would tell my father that I raped her and knowing how my father turns to a baby when dealing with Chinwe, I am sure he would not think twice before believing her.

I don't know how to handle this sex-starved woman who is making my life a living hell.


Dear readers, after going through Emeka's story on Morning Teaser today, what do you think is the best way for him to get out of the problem?

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