Not Cool: Community blame witches following electrocution of PHCN staff

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PHCN staff electrocuted while cutting down colleague's dead body

The electrocution of two PHCN staff on top of a transformer in a community in Nigeria has been blamed on witches in the area.

The people of a community in the Eastern parts of Nigeria has blamed the activities of witches and wizards following the electrocution of two staff of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

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According to a Twitter user with the handle E-zrael Ani‏, the two unfortunate PHCN staff were dealt with by witches in the community but others who saw the incident said the men did not use protection when they climbed the pole.

She posted the sad incident with the caption:

'The Witches in this community showed no mercy.'

The incident was also blamed on the PHCN as they did not cut power supply to the transformer when their men had gone to carry out the repair works and therefore the incident should not be blamed on witches and wizards.

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See a tweet video of the incident.


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