President Buhari: Working at home might not be a bad idea

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Working at home has a few advantages

Nigerians raised a lot of questions when it was announced that the President would be working from home. However, there are advantages working from home.

Yesterday, Wednesday, April 26, 2017, it was announced that President Buhari would be working from home.

This decision by the President drew a lot of reactions from Nigerians on social media and brought up the question of his health.

The idea of working home might is not new as it has been around for a while. It also a concept that young people feel would make them more productive.


According to a research carried out by Price Water House & Coopers, 64% of millennials prefer to work from their homes.  They feel their work does not require their physical preference. 

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds just in a few years. It is easier to work from home than 10 years ago. A lot of things can be done via e-mail and communication can be done via Slack, Skype and WhatsApp.

Here are 5 reasons why working at home is not a bad idea;


1) Saves cost

Working at home saves you from spending money on transportation. You are working in your apartment and don't need to leave your house to the office. This will help you save more money in the log run.


2) Concentration

When you are at home you are more likely to concentrate on the work in hand. There are fewer office jokes, banter, gossip and gist that eat up into your productivity at work. At home, you are locked in on the task for the day.


3) Flexible Work Hours

Working at home gives you a flexible working time. You are not forced into the 8-5 routine. At home, you work when you feel you are most productive. This allows you to focus on other important aspects of your life.

4) More comforting

Working at home is more comfortable. You are in your comfort zone and not in a rigid office atmosphere. Working from your home gives you a sense of ease and takes the pressure off you. This allows you to do your best work.


5) Less Stress

Working at home is less stressful. If you don't have to deal with traffic and other time-consuming hurdles. 

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