Pulse Eyewitness Report: How ghost nurse stole newborn baby in PH

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The health facility where the mysterious incident happened in Port Harcourt

A mysterious incident where a dead nurse appeared in a health facility to snatch a baby which she killed.

A mysterious event has taken place in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital where a ghost nurse allegedly stole a newborn baby from its mother.

According to a Pulse Eyewitness, Favour Clifford who sent in the story, the strange incident happened at a health center in the garden city.

Clifford narrated how the mother had gone for a post-natal check-up at the health facility and handed her new baby to a nurse in the hospital while she used the restroom.

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But on coming back, the nurse was nowhere to be found and after the hospital management conducted a search on its register to identify the woman, it was found that she was a nurse who had died two months earlier.

This is the eyewitness report sent in by Clifford.

"Pandemonium broke out in a health centre in Port Harcourt on Friday, April 28, 2017, after a lady who came for post-natal, gave her baby to a nurse to help her take care of the baby while she used the restroom, only for her to return and both the nurse and the baby were no to be found.

Search and investigations were carried out for several days, after which a catalog containing the list of health workers was brought out and the lady was asked if she could identify the nurse if she saw her and she said yes.

She was made to go through the catalog and she pointed at the picture of a nurse confirming that it was the nurse she gave her baby to.

Everybody was surprised because the supposed nurse was late. she had died 2 months ago, so how was it possible for her to be the one she gave the baby to? But the lady kept insisting that she was the one.

To clear the air they decided to take here to the mortuary where the lady was and there, they received the shock of their lives because when they got to the mortuary, they found the body of the baby lying lifeless on top of the lifeless body of the nurse.

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Now the question on everyone's lips is: what made the nurse kill the innocent baby, or what wrong did the mother commit towards her.

This world is truly full of mystery."

If this is not one of the scariest mysteries in the world, then nothing is as the family of the woman is still trying to come to terms with what transpired.

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