So Sad: Girl commits suicide after being forced into early marriage (Graphic Photo)

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Suicide by hanging

A young lady has committed suicide by hanging after her parents forced her to marry an older man she did not love.

A young girl who was allegedly forced by her parents to marry an older man has reportedly committed suicide in the Northern part of the country.

According to an Hausa online platform, Sirrinsu, the young lady was forced against her will to get married to an older man she did not love and after resisting the attempts several times, she was bundled to the man's house to live as one of his wives.

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But the action of her parents did not sit well with the deceased who decided to take the ultimate way out by killing herself.

Her body was found dangling from a tree after she hung herself the previous night.

This is what the outfit posted on its media's Facebook page:

'"The problem of forced marriage

This young woman killed herself by hanging after being forced to marry a man she did not love.

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Such forced marriages have led to the loss of lives of young girls and only Allah can help the situation we have found ourselves in now.

May her soul rest in peace."

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