African Magic: Corpse refuses to be buried, directs casket to killer's house (Video)

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This is another show of African magic at work

A strange incident was witnessed in a community in Zambia where a corpse who was being taken for burial refused to be buried.

There was a shocking drama in a community in Zambia when a corpse which was being taken to its final resting place refused to be buried but instead directed those carrying the coffin to the house of the killer.

According to Hagra Tembo, a Zambian politician, and journalist who posted the story and video on his Facebook page, the incident happened in the Luapula Province of that country, the villagers were taking the corpse to its final resting place when it suddenly stopped moving and using a supernatural force, directed villagers to the house of its killer.

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Tembo narrated that the incident left people terrified at the mysterious act of the corpse which stopped people carrying it from entering a house where it was supposed to be buried.

It was gathered that the people carrying the casket were forced to jettison the idea as all efforts to carry the casket inside proved abortive.

After that failed, it was gathered that the corpse directed the people carrying it to the house of the man who killed the deceased.

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Though many have doubted the authenticity of the video and the incident, others who responded to the post said it was possible with many citing instances where such happened, including a Nigerian lady, Jully Momoh who claimed such incident happened in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

"I believed this video; the same thing happened in a friend's home town; in fact, it was her cousin who was murdered by their uncle over a piece land in Uyo," Momoh said.

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Watch the video here.

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