Beyonce: Is pop star appropriating African culture?

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Beyonce at her push party

Beyonce i s not a culture vulture, she doesn't have to fix our music industry problems.

I think we are in an era where people are mad for no reason.

In this woke generation people are over sensitive and make mountains out of mole hills. A good example of this is the fuss over Beyonce's  (aka mama awon twins) push party.

Queen B had a Nigerian themed party with Ankara dresses and Fela music playing in the background. Naturally, Beyonce's party got picked up by the media and was also prominent in social media. Unfortunately, 'woke' Twitter jumped in on this.


Beyonce who usually is not the object of slander was the focus for the recent 'culture misappropriation' fever that has been spreading on the streets of wokeness these days.


What's Beyonce's sin? Astonishingly, the fact that Beyonce does not tour in Africa but makes use of the culture and tradition of certain African countries is rubbing some people the wrong way.


The wave of fake wokeness started yesterday, Sunday, May 21, 2017, on Twitter. For Beyonce who has the militant Beyhive by her side, it was rare to see a portion of Twitter turn on her.

OK let's stop with the jokes people. How is Beyonce a culture vulture? Queen B has been a strong supporter of African culture (most especially Yoruba culture) and Afrobeat music. She got on the wave before a certain rapper from Drake saw it coming. She even recorded an Afrobeat album that she decided not to release at the last minute. Her music videos and performances have elements of Yoruba mythology.

With all Beyonce has done, the big issue now is that she does not perform in the continent of Africa. South African rapper and constant trouble maker AKA also took some shots at Beyonce while propping his own Queen B- Bonang Matheba.


Guys, I know Beyonce is all that and she has done a lot of great things but she is not a miracle worker. Beyonce can't sprinkle her magic dust and make a virtually dead touring industry in Africa rise up from the grave. Beyonce is not to Jesus. We do not have a touring industry in this country, maybe South Africa. The rest of Africa is dark (no pun intended) as regards to tours.


Why are we putting our inadequacy on a superstar who has better things to do with her time and money? Isn't bigging up African culture enough, should she also roll up her sleeves and fix our music industries?

Like I wrote earlier, people are too sensitive these days. I think we have too many problems as Africans to bother why Beyonce doesn't tour here. On the real, top singers only tour in areas where they sell tonnes of records. How many albums has sold Beyonce sold in Africa? I am pretty sure Beyonce hasn't sold a million copies in Africa, so as a business woman touring here doesn't make cents.


People should stop feeling entitled and work. If you are bothered about the touring industry in Africa do something about it and don't channel your frustration at an international celebrity who doesn't live here.

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