Breezing: The new way to text your crush without being anxious

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Breezing is the new way of texting

Dump your old and insecure way of texting and start breezing your crush.

Texting or chatting is an art these days. It's no longer straight forward.

Chatting with your crush and bae isn't as easy as it should be. There are too many emotions embedded in those three dots, too many feelings attached to messages that have been seen but no reply.

Anxiety, pride and ego have come into play when chatting or texting that person who 'supposedly' matters. Sometimes we get a message on any of our numerous instant messaging apps and take a while to reply so as not to act thirsty or need.


The same also goes with when you what to hit someone up but decide not to because you don't want to send the wrong message. Well, there is a new style of chatting and texting that throws all the mind games out of the window.


This new style is called Breezing. Instead of thinking of the right reply or the right time to message someone, breezing is about instinctive action, do whatever comes to your mind. Don't think too much about the reply or the words, let your fingers do the talking.

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With Breezing you have no fear of being ignored or not getting a reply. You are not scared of someone thinking you are thirsty. You just do what you have to do, type your message and click on the send button. It's living life on the go, without thinking about what happens on the other end.


There are no more mind games involved. Once you see a text you respond immediately without coming up with carefully carved words. You shoot the hip without thinking twice.

Breezing helps take away the anxiety when texting. Just do you and damn the consequences.

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