Deadly Love: Girl stabs lover to death for proposing to another woman (Graphic Photos)

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Jealous Boma Mac-Pepple stabbed her boyfriend to death

A 20-year-old girl declared wanted for allegedly stabbing her lover to death because he proposed marriage to another woman

A 20-year-old lady identified as Boma Mac-Pepple has been declared wanted by the Rivers State Police Command for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend, Nathan Okojaja, to death for proposing marriage to another woman.

According to reports, the suspect who is said to be a chorister in her church, got mad that Okojaja, who is an usher at the same church in Opobo Local Government Area of the state, dumped her for another woman to the extent of proposing to the new woman.

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It was gathered that on the night of Monday, May 8, 2017, at about 10.30 pm, Mac-Pepple went to Okojaja's house and reportedly stabbed him to death and fled the scene and had not been seen since then.


Boma Mac-Pepple has allowed anger to put her in trouble

Photo Credit: Facebook

Before stabbing the victim, Mac-Pepple who claims to be a student of the University of Lagos on her Facebook profile posted that Okojaja is a criminal and a cultist who has been declared wanted.

This is what she posted:

"Anyone that sees this boy should not hesitate to call my line 08119181343 or 08082802393, cos every criminal or cultic must be brought to justice, for any crime they committed.

You won't regret giving us information. Thanks. Do that for my life. My life is in ur hands now.

His name is Nathan Okojaja (properly known as Junior)."


However, her scheme backfired as those who know her and the crime she had committed, quickly took to the social media to counter her, with many reporting how she murdered Okojaja and used the post as a coverup.

This is what one of her friends on Facebook, Omotolani Omolara, posted:

"Being violent does not help issues. Boma and Junior had an argument, the guy hit her and injured her; she treated herself and came back looking for the guy, and when she saw him, she stabbed him.

People should learn how to control their anger; now someone is dead and she is going to prison."


Boma Mac-Pepple looks innocent but deadly

Photo Credit: Facebook

A friend of the victim, Frank Ufomadu, narrated how the incident happened thus:


Boma Mac-Pepple who is a chorister in her church. She rejected a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Junior. The boy later proposed to another of her friend who accepted.

She then abused the guy as a womanizer and they fought. She came to Facebook and declared the boy wanted, then went in search of the boy and stabbed him to death, then ran away.

You see all these small pepper dem gang girls that carry church for head? Run away from them."


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Another friend, Lysius Godwill also posted on his Facebook wall:

"Happening in Opobo town, Junior Okojaja confirmed dead. He was killed by his lover, Miss Boma Mac-Pepple."

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