Dino Melaye: This man is just a troll

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Dino Melaye

It is very clear and evident that Dino Melaye is trolling all of us.

Dino Melaye can't be real. He is a troll of the highest order.

This senator is notorious for his antics than his political contributions.

To be fair to him his contemporaries are not any better. While they have found the money to lavish on photocopying machines, they can't come up with a good way to provide healthcare.


Back to the senator from Kogi state. Melaye is a joker among a bunch of greedy and most likely corrupt politicians.

Most senators distance themselves from the Nigerian people. Melaye trolls them.

Dino Melaye has constantly shown that he is skilled at mocking the average Nigerian by grabbing attention in the most shameful manner possible.

He will stroll on Bourdillon road to taunt Bola Ahmed Tinubu after he insulted his wife. This is a man that would release a jingle as a response to claims that he did not go the university.


His latest stunt is the worst of them all. On Monday, May 15, 2017, Dino Melaye launched a book titled 'Antidote for Corruption'. The Senate President, Bukola Saraki wrote the foreword. If that wasn't odd enough, the grand old lady herself Patience Jonathan attended the launching.


If you do not understand the joke here then you are on your own. It's not from me that you will hear the king's wife is a witch.

Dino Melaye understands two things- Nigerians don't care and the ones who do only grumble in their homes or on Twitter, the venting capital of young Nigerians.

The Senator is a troll. He mocks Nigerians with his antics because he knows nothing will happen. In 2019, he knows he won't be voted out.

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