Dog Eat Dog: 2 policemen in rowdy brawl over bribe in Abuja (Video)

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The traffic wardens fighting

Two police officers put up a show of shame as they were captured on video in a brawl on a street over money.

Two policemen who were controlling traffic on a busy street in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), threw caution to the winds when the engaged themselves in a brutal fight, exchanging body blows and head butts in the process.

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According to Aishat Alubankudi, a human rights activist who witnessed the scene and captured the fight on video, the incident which caused serious road blockage and congestion, happened at Muhammadu Buhari Junction along the Ahmadu Bello Way in the FCT.

It was gathered that the two police officers who happen to be in charge of controlling traffic, got into an argument following some money they had extorted from some motorists with one of them trying to cheat the other.

What started as an argument soon degenerated into a fistfight and all efforts by passersby and other motorists to separate the two combatants proved abortive as they went at each other with great gusto.

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This is how Alubankudi captured the great rumble:

“Traffic wardens are fighting by Muhammadu Buhari Junction along Ahmadu Bello Way. Please, send help there right now. They have caused congestion,” she wrote.


Watch the video here.


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