Father From Hell: 12-yr-old girl reveals how dad, stepson took turns to rape her

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A victim of rape

A 12-year-old victim of serial sexual abuse has reportedly told the police how her father and his mistress's son took turns to rape her for seven months.

A 12-year-old girl has made a startling revelation on how her father and his mistress's son have been taking turns to rape her for seven months in the Ilogbo area of Lagos State.

In the report carried by Vanguard, the Junior Secondary School 1 (JJS1) pupil also narrated how her own father identified as Adimawu, a commercial bus driver and the stepson infected her with sexually transmitted diseases on a number of occasions.

She added that the sexual abuse started with her father and his mistress holding her legs apart for the woman’s son to rape her.

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It was gathered that the victim who said she has been forced out of school, was taken away from her mother's Isheri home in May 2016 following a misunderstanding with his wife and since then, turned her into a sex slave for himself and his mistress's son.

The suspect reportedly took the girl to his mistress’ home at Ilogbo and during her stay there, the victim was stopped from going to school as she was assisting her father’s mistress to sell Ugba, (a local delicacy made from oil bean seed), at the Alaba International Market.

Narrating how she was severally violated, the victim said:

“One of my father’s mistress’ son, Kenneth, crept to where I slept on the floor one night and started touching my private parts.

I woke up and rushed to inform my father who was sleeping on the bed with his mistress. But he drove me back, saying I should allow him to do whatever he wanted to do with me.

My father came to where I was sleeping and, with the assistance of his mistress, parted my legs and instructed his stepson to have sex with me.

The next day, after everyone had gone out, my father called me inside, locked the door and had sex with me.

He warned me not to tell anyone about what happened, threatening to kill me if I did. Since then, my father and his stepson had taken turns to rape me.

At times, when I went to sell Ugba at Alaba, his stepson would take me to an uncompleted building, where he would place some cartoons on the ground and rape me.”

It was learned that after police and family members’ intervention, the suspect brought his daughter back home in December 2016. But her mother who claimed to have been suspecting that all was not well with her daughter, subjected her to questioning and in the process of which she opened up.

The victim’s mother who also spoke to Vanguard said that she caught her husband with his manhood inside their daughter’s mouth when she was just nine months.

She said that she also caught her husband in the act again when the girl was six years old.

Narrating how this latest development came to the fore, she said:

“I discovered something strange about the way she was walking when she returned home. When I asked her initially, she did not talk until I involved one of her teachers, who was taking her extramural classes, before she opened up.

When I confronted my husband, he beat me to stupor and drove me and my daughter away. We have been staying with a relative since December 2016.

I had gone to the market to buy foodstuff one day, only to return and discovered that my daughter was missing. When my husband came back, I asked him about her whereabouts, he denied knowing where she was, saying I should look for her.

Even when the matter of our missing child was reported to the police, he denied knowing where she was until December, when he said he took her to learn a trade at a relative’s.

It took the intervention of the police and some relatives before he brought her back last December.”

However, the suspect when asked to defend himself, told policemen at the Human Right Desk, Ikotun Police Division where the matter was reported to, that his wife had a mental problem, adding that he had to take their daughter away from home to ensure her safety.

But in a swift reaction, his wife described the claim as a lie, saying:

“I was never mad, neither was I ever sick. The emotional and psychological effect during the period I was searching for my only child made him conclude that I was mad.”

She further disclosed that her husband’s action was only a ploy to chase her away from the house they both built so he can bring in his mistress and her children.

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The matter was said to have gotten to the police when a legal practitioner, Sir Barth Ozoana, lodged a complaint at the Idimu Police Division leading to the arrest of the suspect.

The case was thereafter transferred to the Lagos Police Command Headquarters in Ikeja with Sir Ozoana insisting that he would do anything to assist the victim and her mother legally until justice prevailed.

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