Father From Hell: Man beheads son for money rituals in Plateau (Graphic Photo)

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This man beheaded his own son for money rituals

A beast of a father has been arrested in Plateau State for allegedly beheading his young son for money ritual purposes.

The Plateau State Police Command has arrested a man who allegedly beheaded his young son ostensibly for money rituals.

According to a journalist from the state, Taskar Gizazo who reported the story on his Facebook page, the man had visited a native doctor to prepare a money making charm and the native doctor told him that for the medicine to be effective, he must provide the head and foot of his son.

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On getting back home, the man allegedly took the child into a bush where he cut off his head and foot which he hid somewhere.

When he got back home, he went to the police to report that the child was missing and while the police started investigations and mounted a search for the boy, the man's wife told the police that she suspects her husband in the disappearance of their son as he was the one who went out with the child.

The man was promptly arrested and on interrogation, he confessed that he had killed the boy, cut off his head and foot on the instruction of a native doctor who wanted to perform a money ritual for him.

Gizago made the post in the Hausa language thus:


Read the translation here:

"He killed his son, cut off the head and leg for money rituals.

A man in Plateau has killed his son and cut off hiss foot because he wanted to do money rituals.

The man had complained to the police that his son was missing but the boy's mother refuted the allegation, saying that he was the one who went out with the boy.

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The police arrested the man and after he was interrogated, he confessed that he killed the boy. The head and the amputated foot was found inside his car. See the man and the headless body of the son."

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