FlowBeatMusic Entertainment Presents "THE SHUT DOWN"

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You see, in the Nigerian entertainment industry, there are amateurs and there are those who were born to rule and change the game. 
FlowBeatMusic Entertainment is one of the latter type of companies - An entertainment outfit/company born out of 100% passion, talent and creativity. It is the new kid in the block - the prodigy we have all been waiting for. It is the promise of an industry reborn. It is the future of entertainment. 
David Nicholas, CEO FlowBeatMusic Entertainment & ND2 Graphics

FlowBeatMusic Entertainment is based in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria. It is owned by the young and super talented graphic designer, David Nicholas popularly known as ( @nd2official ). It has started one of the best night shows in the country and is determined to take it to the highest heights in Nigerian and African entertainment. The event is titled "THE SHUT DOWN" and has run for two consecutive months in Abuja. 

Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight. The team at flowbeatmusic (FBM) strives to be one of the best running event management/entertainment company in the Abuja and beyond, producing
the highest quality shows/events that not only set the standards for the up and coming acts, but also set the trend for the industry. 

The chairman and CEO of FlowBeatMusic Entertainment intentions and main purpose is to bring to the community/people of Abuja a new breath of air in the entertainment market. By combining old fashioned values, going the extra mile, and using the FBM team to achieve its goals, we plan to lead the market, providing the same quality shows and results, every time. As we are currently gearing up for the third season of our monthly event/show which has gained a lot of attention with the likes of Joel el and the "If I get money eh" crooner (Magnito) gracing the show, the third season promises to be even bigger and better. We intend bringing, surprise act that are widely celebrated across the country. 

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