Height Of Wickedness: Body of newborn baby found in gutter in Lagos (Graphic Photo)

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YarinyĆ  mai shekara goma-sha-bakwai ta yi daŹ¼awar jariri bayan an yi watsi da shi

Residents of the Magodo area of Lagos State were thrown into shock and tears after the lifeless body of a newborn baby was found in a gutter.

It was a galore of tears, wailing, and curses as residents of the Magodo GRA, in the Shangisha, Lagos State woke up to find the lifeless body of a newborn baby inside a gutter in the CMD area.

Eyewitnesses said the body was discovered at about 8 am on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, by a street sweeper who raised an alarm that brought scores of people to the scene.

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As people wondered how the body of the baby came about, some were heard raining curses on the wicked mother who carried it in her womb for nine months only to dump it after giving birth.

A female who was in tears was heard saying:

"It is only God who will punish such a wicked mother. While many barren women are praying and spending huge amounts of money to get a child, this one who was blessed by God decided to throw her own away. This is so sad."

Another woman reportedly said:

"Why the mother did not put the baby up for adoption beats me. How can a woman carry a baby for nine months only to dump it? This is the most wicked act I have ever seen. Wasting such a blessing from God is nothing but madness."

Yet another was heard lamenting:

"My elder sister who has been married for 15 years has been praying to God for a fruit of the womb but look at what this wicked woman has done. If she does not get a child in the future, she will turn around to blame God and witches."

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It was gathered that men of the Lagos State Emergency Agency (LASEMA) were later called and they evacuated the corpse of the baby.

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