In Ibadan: Man breaks son's arm, throws him in fire for stealing [Video]

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Face in the fire (Illustration)

A young boy identified as Lukman was brutally beaten and thrown into fire by his father, Yaya Babarinde in Ibadan, Oyo State.

A viral video footage has exposed the brutal treatment a 10-year-old boy received at the hands of his father for stealing money.

The young boy identified as Lukman was brutally beaten with his arm broken and thrown into fire by his father identified as, Yaya Babarinde in Ibadan, Oyo State.

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The video clip shows the boy receiving the beating of his life before being thrown into a local; stove.

While being questioned by a police Inspector in Yoruba language, Babarinde confessed to the gruesome punishment he mete out on his son, explaining that he tied him up before delivering jungle justice on him.

Babarinde began by saying, “I’m a shoe cobbler. I came in the evening and my neighbors told me my son stole money.

“When I asked them if they have collected back the money from him, they told me that he only returned half of it and had given the rest to his friends on the street.

“I beat him up, tied his hands and put him in the fireplace not knowing there was fire in it. Unfortunately, the fire caught his cloth and burnt his body.

“I don’t have money to take him to the hospital.

“It was a mistake. I did not do it intentionally. Please pardon me.”

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Babarinde has been taken into police custody to face punishment for child abuse.

Watch the clip below.

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