In Zimbabwe: Outrage as police officers brutalize 2 naked women

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92-year-old Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe criticised ruling party officials for allegedly competing over who will succeed him

A viral video showing some Zimbabwean police officers stripping naked two women and brutalizing them in front of their children.

The police in Zimbabwe have come in for another round of attack after a video of two naked women being brutalized has been trending on social media.

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According to a blogger and political analyst in that country identified as Chofamba with the Twitter handle @Chofamba who put up the clip, the police officers had gone to arrest the women for an offence but when they put up resistance, they were stripped naked, beaten up and forcefully taken into the waiting vans alongside their young children.

In the video clip, the two women are seen struggling to free themselves from the grips of the police officers who were hell-bent on taking them away and they had to use such brutal force by twisting their hands behind their back as they were dragged away.

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See the tweet clip here.


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