'Konji Na Bastard': Woman in critical condition after cassava got stuck in vagina (Photos)

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The sex crazed lady and her cassava dildo

A young lady who used a cassava tuber as a sex toy has had to be operated upon after the home-made dildo got stuck inside her.

A young lady who used a tuber of cassava as a dildo to pleasure herself has had to be operated upon after the item got stuck inside her.

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According to a Facebook user, Ibe Caleb, the lady had carved the cassava into the shape of a penis and had been using it as a sex toy but in the heat of passion, the improvised dildo broke and got stuck in her vagina and had to be rushed to a hospital where a surgery had to be done to get it out.


The penis shaped cassava dildo

Photo Credit: Facebook

This is how Caleb captured the incident:

"See What happened To A Lady Who Uses Cassava As A Dildo

A lady who was sad that she couldn't get a boyfriend decided to use a CASSAVA as a dildo. She carved the mouth to the desired shape.

She had been using it until one day while using it on herself, the cassava went deep in and got stuck. She started bleeding and had to call for help

She was rushed to the hospital and operated on before the CASSAVA was brought out."

Recall how a former Miss Anambra Beauty pageant winner, Chidinma Okeke became a hot item last year after a video of her and a lesbian partner used a huge cucumber as a sex toy.


The bloody cassava dildo

Photo Credit: Facebook

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That incident seriously blighted her rising profile as a beauty queen and the embarrassed organizers had to dethrone her after the video went viral.


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