Maggi: Beauty queens, piano eating & pounded yam when #Delicious Naija visits

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An episode of Maggi Nigeria's Delicious Naija series.

Did you know you could use Pawpaw and garden eggs in soup?

They weren’t joking when they called Benue the food basket of the nation. And this episode of #DeliciousNaija was proof!

They claim to benefit from being the middle belt of the country, grown both tubers and grains that are otherwise synonymous to the North or South.

When the pounded yam and eight (eight!) different types of soup were spread out in front of Bunmi and one of Benue’s gorgeous beauty queens, we knew that they meant business.

Did you know you could use Pawpaw and garden eggs in soup?

Linda Adimanyi is very conversant in Tiv cuisine. No surprise that it was pounded yam being cooked, after all, it’s Benue’s major produce… and Linda’s husband says his favourite meal is Pounded Yam too.

What we’d never heard before is the local delicacy Bunmi learned how to cook.. Esa Soup.

It’s made from Beniseed, what we know as Sesame Seeds.

Food is the way to the stomach, ey? Well, John said whenever he smells good food cooking, he can’t help but trail the aroma to the kitchen.

The Esa soup looked so good, complete with lettuce and bitterleaf. Ayee!

To follow how to make your own Esa soup, check out the Makurdi episode on Maggi Nigeria’s YouTube page!

The food journeys of Delicious Naija can always be watched at 7:30pm Saturday on Africa Magic (Family), at 5pm Sunday on NTA and at 5:30pm Friday on Arewa24.


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