Metro UK: Who wants the President dead?

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The fake Buhari news

President Muhammadu Buhari was rumoured to be dead by a British website.

On Sunday, May 14, 2017, the Metro UK published a story with the title "Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari dies in London."

The Metro UK seems to have a strong desire to see the first citizen of the country die. This is the second time that the filthy news organization would post fake news concerning the death of the President.

The inaccurate story led to rumours about the state of the President's health. A day after the fake article, the Nigerian government dismissed any claim that Buhari was on his death bed.


Metro UK isn't exactly known for its top rate journalism but this story is downright dirty and low for the news website.

Every website wants traffic but cooking up a story of this sensitive nature goes against the ethics of journalism. In the UK you would think there is a media watchdog to stop stories of this kind. Clearly there isn't it.

The incredulous thing about this situation that the story wasn't yanked off the website hours after it was published. It was left to fester there and sow seeds of doubt and allow conspiracy theories blossom. It is still on the site now.


The social media team of the Presidency should be on the lookout for stories like this and do its best to take media outfits who peddle rumours to the cleaners.

Sadly, I doubt this would ever happen. The Federal Government has been hush hush about the Chibok Girls. Apart from the fact that a number of girls have been taken from Boko Haram, we have little or no information about the recovered Chibok girls.


It's easy for shady news organizations to write conspiracy theories about the President's state of health when the Federal Government doesn't have any clear channel of communication. A story not told completely would leave room for lies.

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