Morning Teaser: 'At 38, I am desperate to get married'

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A worried career woman needs advice

Cordelia is a 38-year-old woman who has not been lucky with men as all they are after is her money and body.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Cordelia, a 38-year-old woman from Accra in Ghana. I have been following the way you treat people's problems and the advice fellow readers give and I hope my own will not be different.

I do not know if I am jinxed or under a curse because of my single status despite doing everything possible to keep the men that come my way.

All my younger ones have gotten married and I get embarrassed every time they send me an invitation card to grace their weddings.

I have a very good job, live in my own house and even if I will say so, I am a nice person. I do not look for anyone's trouble and whenever I am in a relationship, I do everything to make the man happy and comfortable.

I have had to spend my money on my lovers thinking I was investing in our future together only to end up being jilted and dumped in very callous ways.

I remember the first man I loved with all my heart and hoped to settle down with. There was nothing I did not do for Eric from setting him up in business, paying for his sibling's school fees, taking care of his poor parents and all that.

I even rented an apartment for him since he did not want to move in with me but in the end, he got another woman pregnant and got married to her.

I was so hurt that I decided to stay off men for a while but when the pressure got so much from my family, I decided to try again but it ended up with the same result.

The last one was when I met a Nigerian guy who worked with a telecommunication company in Accra. At the initial stage, George was the perfect gentleman and worshiped the ground I walked.

He showed me he loved me so much and was willing to anything for me. To reciprocate, I gave him access to my home, cars, bank accounts and my body because I thought this was the man.

I introduced him to all my friends and my family members and when he proposed marriage to me, I was over the moon with joy.

I wore the ring he gave proudly and told everyone that since Ghanaian guys did not find me worthy, my Nigerian man was there for me.

The only snag was that George refused to allow me to go with him to Nigeria to see his people anytime he was traveling. He kept telling me that things were not done that way where he came from. he assured me that we would go to meet his family at the right.

But how stupid I was to believe him because I was to find out the hard way that George was married and had three children.

I got to find out the truth the hard way. I had gone to Tema to oversee a job for two weeks and while away, I kept calling George, urging him to come over and be with me but he was giving me one excuse or the other.

When I could not take staying away from him for too much, I decided to surprise him one weekend and went to Accra without informing him.

As I drove into his compound, I had this strange feeling that something was wrong. As I rang the doorbell, I was still not feeling comfortable. My fears were confirmed when a woman opened the door, carrying a child who could not have been more than a year.

I initially thought she could be one of George country women who had come to see him but when she asked me who I was looking for, I saw a look of defiance in her eyes as if telling me the house belonged to her.

I told her I was looking for my fiance George. She just laughed and asked me if George had told me he was married with kids.

Then from the inside, I heard George call out the woman to find out who was at the door. When he came into the sitting room and saw me, he just stood there and stared at me.

I did not wait for any explanation as I left hurriedly, tears threatening to burn my eye sockets. I knew I had been taken for a ride yet again by someone I thought was the one God had sent to me.

Since this happened three months ago, I have been wondering if I am not destined to get married. Can someone help me out?


Dear readers, Cordelia's story is one of betrayal, hurt and heartbreak and on Morning Teaser today, what would you say to her?

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