Morning Teaser: 'I am pregnant for my employer's husband'

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A depressed lady

Clara is a 21-year-old housemaid who has been sleeping with her madam's husband and now she is pregnant with the man telling her to keep the baby.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Clara, a 21-year-old lady. I am a housemaid and currently four months pregnant for my madam's husband.

My poor parents gave me out as a maid when I was just 10-years-old and since then, I have had to move from one household to the other.

Some families I have worked with have been really nice and sent me to school while others gave me a real hard time.

That was before I got my present job in the home of a multi-millionaire living in Lekki area of Lagos. My employers have everything money can buy but have been looking for a child for many years.

My madam is one of the nicest persons I have ever encountered as she took me as a younger sister. In fact, she made my life so comfortable that many people think I am her sister.

She does not discriminate against me and makes sure I do not feel like a stranger. Whenever she travels abroad, she buys me so many things and when I travel to see my parents, she would give me clothes and cash for my family.

She even made sure I enrolled for a part-time program in the National Open University with the promise to give me enough money to start a business when I graduate.

But the snag here is that for two years now, her husband has been sleeping with me. It started as a rape when he forcefully had sex with me. After the first time, he gave me a lot of money and said I should never tell my madam.

Since then, he has continued to sleep with me and whenever I refused, he would threaten to send me packing.

When I realized I was pregnant and told him about it, he was so happy and asked me to keep the baby, promising to rent an apartment for me and open a business for me. He also promised to marry me when I give birth.

Now my problem is how my madam will feel when she gets to know that I am pregnant for her husband. I know she will be so disappointed in me but I also have my life to think of. I know my master will change my life and that of my family and I would put an end to my life of slavery.

I have confided in a close friend who advised I should keep quiet about it but my conscience tells me to confess to madam and beg for her forgiveness. Or should I quietly abort the baby and pretend as if I had a miscarriage?

I am seriously confused and do not know what to do.


Dear readers, after going through Clara's story on Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should do?

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