Morning Teaser: 'My husband led me into the arms of another man'

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This crying woman needs help

On the outside, Joy seems to be a happily married woman but she has a dark secret she has been hiding from her husband.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Joy, a 38-year-old married woman with four children. I am presently in a dilemma and I hope other readers will help me out.

Though it seems I am happily married, I have not been enjoying my marriage in the last five years due to my husband's attitude. It all started when my husband, Jude, got a huge contract that took him away from home most of the time.

He was shuttling between Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt to oversee the contract. He would come home briefly and before we settled down, he would be off again.

I became so lonely and sex starved and always looked forward to his coming home but whenever he came, he would not be interested in sex.

Whenever I complained, he will claim to be either tired or worried about the jobs he was handling. He could be at home for two weeks without touching me and I always felt so bad at such moments.

It was later I got to realize that my husband had mistresses all over the place and was busy enjoying sex with them while he neglected me and my sexual cravings. I would be lucky if we had sex once in six months.

This attitude of his caused a lot of friction between us. I confided in two of my best friends and they advised that I should get a young man who would satisfy me sexually and after ruminating over this for many weeks, I gave in to the advice and Vivian introduced me to  Mark and we began a sexual relationship.

Ours was all about sex at the beginning but everything changed when I fell madly in love with Mark and could not afford to stay without seeing him for two days.

Mark introduced me to a different world of sex and brought out the real woman in me. We experimented with different sex styles and I could not get enough of him. It was Mark who first gave me a head-job and since then, our sex moments is never complete without it.

At times, I even had to take my children to my sister's place for the weekend and lie to her I would be going for a church program only to end up in mark's house where we would make wild love.

But last month, my husband came back and told me the contract had been terminated and he would not be traveling all over the place again.

Since he came back, I have not been myself as I cannot get to see Mark as much as I would have loved. Another thing is that sex with my husband has become so boring that I do not feel anything whenever we make love.

He has noticed the change in me and has been complaining but there is nothing he has done that has been able to change the situation.

I know what I am doing is bad and capable of destroying my marriage but my husband led me into the arms of another man and I can't stop now that he is back home.


Dear readers, having gone through Joy's story on Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should do to save herself from this embarrassing situation?

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