Morning Teaser: 'My husband's wants us to be having anal sex'

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Mercy and her husband, Sam, are having issues because of his insistence that they must have oral and anal sex.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Mercy, a 31-year-old married woman with three children. I am a born again Christian and I have been married for 10 years now.

Before I became born again, I have not had sexual issues with my husband Samuel because our sex life has always been okay.

But in recent times, he has been trying out some perverted sexual fantasies that run against my beliefs and standing as a Christian woman.

I always believed that sex between a husband and his wife should be for both procreation and enjoyment but Sam wants us to indulge in so many warped sexual reveries that one only sees in pornographic movies.

The first day Sam suggested I should give him a blow job while having sex, I was taken aback because we had never done that before neither have we tried out such things.

We had indulged in some sex positions apart from the missionary style in the past but the idea of oral sex has always been repulsive to me.

To make him happy, I had to give him a blowjob but since that day, he made it a part of our sexual routine even when our pastor preached that it was wrong to indulge in it.

But as an obedient wife, I did it to please him but he some time ago, he suggested we have anal sex. I was so shocked that I almost jumped out of the bed. The idea of my husband having sex with me through the anus was so weird I almost screamed at him.

Since that day, my husband has been mad at me, saying all his friends have anal sex with their wives and he sees no reason why we should not. I have tried to make him realize that it is not what others do that we should practice but he does not want to understand.


Dear readers, after going through Mercy's story on Morning Teaser today, do you think there is anything wrong with her husband insisting that they have anal sex?

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