National Disgrace: Concerned Nigerian warns against seeking for jobs in Dubai (Video)

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Nigerian job seekers stranded in Dubai

A concerned Nigerian based in Dubai has released a video where he warns his countrymen to beware of fake employment agencies.

A Nigerian based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, has warned the hordes of jobless youths in the country to shun the lure for employment in that country as it often turns out that they are being sold into slavery.

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The man who posted a video where a large crowd made up of mostly Nigerian job seekers, said the jobs advertised by the so-called recruitment agencies are none existent as the agencies are only after the money they will get from the unsuspecting victims.

According to the man, even the citizens of UAE find it difficult to get jobs not to talk of foreigners who are deceived to come to the country with promises of good and well-paying jobs, free accommodation and other incentives.

The man narrated that of the thousands that apply for such positions, only 100 applicants are taken out of 5000 people including their own citizens.

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He shared the footage to warn Nigerians who are being deceived by foreign agents who promise them high paying jobs when they arrive the country to think twice before parting with their money as such jobs are hardly available.

Watch the video here.

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