Nigerian Women With Cars: Why are some Nigerian men afraid of them?

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Olufunmilayo Ransome-Kuti was the first Nigerian woman to drive a car

It's a shame that some Nigerian men (and women) feel it is wrong for single women to have a car.

This was the hot topic that hit Twitter NG yesterday, Monday, May 22, 2017.

A few disturbing tweets bounced on thousands of timelines that either equated an unmarried woman who has a car as a runs girl or stated that a rich independent woman won't find a husband.

There are some tweets you see on Twitter that shoves you back to the stone age era or Saudi Arabia, a country where women aren't allowed to drive.

Twitter sometimes shields us from the ugly world outside 140 characters and retweets. You might find this hard to believe but there are people who believe a financially successful woman is a slut or is likely not to get married.

Sometimes we see these ugly beliefs in public. When a woman refuses to be bossed on the road while in her car, she is called an 'ashewo' by a danfo driver, his bus conductor or a seemingly literate Nigerian man. Sometimes it's women who abuse women in cars.


If you allow some people paint the picture, a woman can only be successful if she sleeps around. In their minds, wealth and women don't mix. A woman shouldn't be rich. "Where did she get it all that money from?"

The warped view that rich women (who are richer than their husbands) can't be good wives is equally stupid and laughable. This is just ego and fear coming to play.


When it comes to ego, it boils down this- as the man of the house my wife can't make more money than me. You see we live in a world where money is power. This is extra true in Nigeria where the man or woman with the bigger bundles of cash is a mini god.


In the context of marriage, the power structure puts the man at the top- a mix of or traditional and religious values. Anything that threatens this structure will be frowned upon. This is why women who are very rich in Nigeria are often told that it would be hard for them to find suitors.


Fear comes to play because some men are afraid that if they are with women richer than them, they can get up and leave them any time. Some women are stuck in marriages because they are not financially independent and need their upkeep money from their spouses.

This is 2017. Any man who is intimidated by a lady who has a car is not a man. He is a boy, plain and simple.

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