Pulse TV Strivia Search: Day One ends with the elimination of the first contestant

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The contestants were asked to brainstorm and provide a minimum of 5 questions on which the judges gave their assessments.

On 8 May 2017, Day 1 of the Pulse TV #StrivaSearch began as the final 10 were welcomed to Pulse Nigeria HQ in Lekki, Lagos.

The contestants then introduced themselves to the platform’s followers on two primary social networks, Instagram and Snapchat.

After a quick photo session, the serious work came in the form of a brainstorming session in the Pulse HQ Mindspace, with Pulse VJ Cee Classic holding the helms and team members, Abe Adeile and Segun Akande,   looking in to observe, assess and give much needed editorial and creative feedback. Head of Productions at Pulse TV, Daniel David was also present to facilitate the entire process.

Pulse Strivia questions and their ‘hopefully’ hilarious responses quickly became the order of the day. 

Contestants were required to create a minimum of five inciting questions across their random interests, beverages, lifestyle and telecommunications.

In situation such as this, it is important to have much information at hand to create inspired and detailed content. As such, the contestants were asked to research the internet where they felt the need to do so.

To get them in the right frame of mind, the final 10 had an interactive session where they bounced ideas off each other with guidance from the directing team members.

After a general private session of around 30 minutes, it was time to deliver. One after the other, each hopeful read out their questions to their peers, the facilitators and judges.

All competitions, whatever the stage, have clear leaders and exciting performances. The first day of #StriviaSearch became more tense with the revelation that only 9 contestants would make it to the next day.

That person turned out to be Wumi, who after getting a chance at making a case for her stay alongside Ope and Sophie, failed to convince the judges and facilitators to let her stay.

The Pulse TV Strivia Search continues on March 9, 2017. The remaining 9 have been split into three teams of three each.

Team Rose has Linus, Ope and Clement; while DebrahNatasha and Otega make up Team Lily. The other, Team Purple, has Abigail, Sophie and Ibukun.


What is the entire point of all this, you ask? The winner of the Pulse TV Strivia Search will recieve a contract to join the Pulse team as well as the opportunity to reinvent Pulse Strivia and break new ground.

With Day One now gone, Day Two promises more exciting tasks as Team Purple hits the streets to take a real shot at holding the Pulse TV Strivia mic. 

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