Pulse TV Strivia Search: Sophie, Clement and Natasha hit the streets one last time

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After a week of intense work, the team put Sophie, Clement and Natasha in control as they shot their entries for the grand finals.

In the past week, Pulse TV Strivia Search has gone from its easy start; a brainstorming session and 10 primary contestants, through five days of tasking work, to a list of three final contestants.

Still, the team is on the search for one special presenter to take Pulse Strivia to the streets moving forward; two more people would have to leave.

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To make this process as fair as possible and allow the contestants seal their own fate, the team re-touched the Strivia format and handed the controls to the contestants.

Each contestant was asked to create their own strivia episode; they would decide on a location of their own choosing where they would invite the Strivia Search team, along with facilitators Cee Classic and Segun Akande, to shoot a mock episode.

Monday became the appointed day for this task.


And so we kicked off things with Sophie at her chosen venue, the busy market roads of Ojuelegba Bus-Stop

As always, Cee Classic made it clear what was required of her; six talking heads, and with that mind, she began shooting.

Ojuelegba is one of the few places on Lagos Mainland that hardly ever sleeps, so the energy was in Sophie’s favor as she made her way from passer-by to driver to trader. 

In good time, she got her talking heads. Then it was on to meet Natasha.

Where Sophie chose a somewhat rowdy if vibrant area, ‘Dark Choc’, as she chooses to refer to herself sometimes, picked the open courtyards, brooding pillars and massive, empty shop spaces; Tejuosho Ultra-Modern Shopping Center.


While it made for a very controllable environment, the flaw in her approach was obvious from the get-go. even though its name suggests it is a market of sorts, not many people actually go to Tejuosho

So, very early in her shoot, Natasha had to find a way to make the most of the situation.

She did this by talking to the one set of people who are always present; the traders. Her conversations as well as the cameras and supporting team attracted more traders anxious to take their own time in front of the camera.

She concluded her task, and from there, it was on to meet up with Clement.

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His fellow contestants both chose locations in the centre of Lagos Mainland, but he chose to take us outside the familiar, beyond Ikeja, to Iyana-Ipaja.

The journey there was not the shortest the team has ever had, but all that mattered little when residents slowly became aware that the team was in their town.

Pulse TV Strivia and Vox Pop have fans in some of the least likely places you know.

A small crowd formed around the team as we disembarked, and though they took 20 minutes off our clock, Clement soon got to work in this area that he had connived to bring us to.


His approach was similar to what has worked for him over the course of Strivia Search, he was willing to talk to almost anyone, anywhere. 

His choice of location was also based on taking advantage of the human traffic at the main bus-stop, which like most, also has a market.

Clement completed his task with very little hassle and then, after another encounter with the fans, the team headed back to Pulse Nigeria HQ in Lekki.

It's been over 6 weeks since Pulse TV Strivia Search was announced. In that time, the team has scoured and pored over entries on Instagram, held a live show to create the first shortlist, cut it down to 10, and with a taste of the actual stuff, cut them down to a final three.

The final assessment will take place on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at Pulse Nigeria HQ. It will feature the usual team of judges and other senior members of the Pulse team.

You can get live updates and behind-the-scenes commentary by following Pulse Nigeria on all our social media handles.

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