ThisDay: 'Judas Iscariot' advert makes no sense

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What a silly advert

ThisDay shamelessly takes on an ad that highlights the struggles of this present administration.

Yesterday, May 2, 2017,  a crazy advert made it to the national daily This Day.

The advert was a full page coloured advert that targeted Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mr Ibrahim Magu.

"If Magu like, make e kuku discover the 30 pieces of silver wey Judas Iscariot throway for ground. Senate no go still confam am" read the copy of the shocking advert.


Just a bit of information here, the cost of a full page coloured advert in This Day goes for NGN 614, 000. Why would someone spend so much on a classless advert?

The Nigerian Senate has refused to approve the appointment of Magu for months. The whole thing has turned into a farce and this advert is the icing on the ugly cake.

No one has come out to say he is responsible for the advert but the fault should lay solely on the editor who approved such a terrible advert.

Yes, there is freedom of expression but the fourth estate has the responsibility to turn down news stories, adverts, advertorials, and opinions that are of low taste and decency.

Yesterday CNN refused to air a Donald Trump advert that falsely stated his achievements after 100 days in office.


This is what our press should be doing. A newspaper like This Day shouldn't sell its pages to further the narrative of silly political bickering.

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