#ThrowbackThursday: The Walkman was a symbol of coolness

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A Sony Walkman

Back in the days, the Sony Walkman was the coolest way to listen to music.

Spotify playlists, Soundcloud mixes, and Apple Music curated lists- these are the ways we consume music today.

On this #ThrowbackThursday, let's rewind time back to the days when we listened to the hottest songs and albums on a cassette.

For the millennials, a cassette is a pre-iPod device made of plastic and tape. Songs and albums were recorded on them. In the timeline, cassettes came after vinyl and before compact discs.


Stereos and boom boxes accommodated cassettes but in the 1970s Sony came out with the portable cassette player known as the Walkman. It was a game changer. People could listen to music anywhere and anytime. Decades before Spotify running playlists became a thing, people were jogging daily with their Walkman attached to their hips. The Walkman made it possible for people to get more intimate with music. You could listen to your own playlist of music while on your way to work or during a stroll.


The Walkman became so successful and it transcended just music. It became a pop culture staple, a fancy gadget owned by the cool, hip and trendy. If you didn't have a Walkman back in the days, you were not cool. It was a statement.


The world of technology is fickle and the portable cassette player barely made it into the millennium. It got replaced with the portable CD player. It wasn't surprising that the Sony brand of portable CD players were the most popular.


The 'Walkman' is Sony's brand for portable music players but they were so popular that it became the generic name.

Unfortunately, Sony couldn't continue its streak. Apple dominated the mp3 market with iPods.


However, just as Vinyl are making a comeback, the Walkman is back in demand. This is thanks to Hollywood movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Stranger Things that pay homage to the good ol' retro days.

The success of the sequel of Guardians of the Galaxy has led to an increase in demand for the Sony Walkman. On eBay, the Sony Walkman TPS-L2 used by Star Lord in the movie goes for $589 (N185,000). Hey, nobody said having a vintage lifestyle is easy.


If you can get your hands on a Walkman or can afford a brand new one go for it and make a dope playlist.

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