Trevor Noah, Chimamanda Adichie: TV show host, author, talk on multiple cultural identities

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Chimamanda Adichie and Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah and Chimamanda Adichie meet up at a literary event to talk about America and more.

Late night talk show host Trevor Noah, and author Chimamanda Adichie are some of the biggest African exports of the last decade.

On May 3, 2017, the two African stars sat down side by side to talk on straddling their multiple cultural identities.

The event was part of The PEN World Voices Festival and was organised by Penguin Random House in New York.


At the event, Adichie and Noah spoke about their reaction after the November US elections. "America’s democracy has never been tested. I was struck by how quickly people wanted to look on the bright side. Americans don’t like to be uncomfortable. It seemed to me unjust—now it’s our job to understand this man and give him a chance" said Adichie.

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Trevor Noah had a more optimistic view of the US elections that brought political outsider Trevor Noah into power. "I struggled to hold on to the narrative that there shouldn’t be optimism because I look at numbers. I still have to look at and acknowledge how most Americans voted for Hillary. I don’t think it will rain forever, so it’s time to figure out how to patch the leak in the roof" he said.


Both Chimamanda Adichie and Trevor Noah also spoke about their various professions and how they have learnt to deal with an American audience.

For the award-winning author, there have been suggestions that she should tone down on her 'Igboness'. "I grew up reading books set in Russia with long names I couldn't pronounce, but that didn't prevent me from connecting with the characters. Literature is a universal language because it’s specific" said Chimamanda Adichie.

You can watch the full video of their stimulating conversation below;

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