You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: Nigeria is holding back your destiny

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Anthony Joshua

Nigeria is holding back millions of people from achieving their potentials.

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, British boxer (of Nigerian heritage) Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua became the unified world heavyweight champion.

He did this by knocking out Vladimir Klitschko in the 12th round. Far away in the former British colony Nigeria, we were happy for Joshua. One of our sons who is doing us proud internationally.

Over the years Joshua has proudly proclaimed his Nigerian origins. He has a tattoo of Africa on his right arm, and Nigeria carved out. This shows how much he loves this country.


As a matter of fact, Joshua is so much of a Nigerian that in 2012 he wanted to represent Nigeria at the Olympics. Sadly, we rejected him for the most stupid of reasons.

"He asked to join the Nigerian trials but they told him if he was good enough he'd fight for England," Nigerian boxing legend Jerry Okorodudu told BBC Sport.

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Can you imagine that? Our boxing coaches told Joshua that he was not good enough. Anthony Joshua is the heavyweight champion of the world. Nigeria hasn't produced a champion in decades. Can you see the irony in this?

Nigeria has managed to create a system that has stifled real talent from developing and encouraging corruption. Talented people are frustrated in the country. Nigeria is draining the joy and hopes out of them. Our best brains are being discouraged by a system that promotes incompetence and mediocrity.


The truth be told, Nigeria is holding us back from achieving our potentials. There are so many success stories in this country waiting to be discovered but I bet you they are being told they are not good enough or they haven't settled the right people.

What we are doing to ourselves is suicide. We are chasing away our best brains and minds to other countries. Look at how many Nigerians run for other countries. They are tired of the nonsense here. Nigeria is an ungrateful country. You break your back for this country and you will still end up being tossed by the wayside.

Anthony Joshua could have represented Nigeria and today he would be the Nigerian heavyweight champion of the world. Today, he does it for Britain. Don't let your false sense of patriotism sweep you aside, whenever he boxes he represents Great Britain and not the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


It's a shame but this how it should be. If your country does not want you, go and adopt a new country. A nation that does not take care of its best and young ones doesn't deserve patriotism.

Nigeria is holding back our destinies. Let us leave so that these old men at the top can chop and die.

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