You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: Dear celebrities, your scandals are becoming boring

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Scandals in the celebrity scene have been boring this year. Celebs please step your game up.

The football season in Europe is over this season.

After months of great goals, shock defeats, and sweet victories, football is going to take a break. Weekends are about to be boring until August when football comes back alive.

Congrats to Chelsea FC by the way, I am sure all the agberos and danfo drivers will be happy for a while. And thank God Arsenal did not qualify for the Champions League this season.


Football might have its on and off period but celebrity news does not. It's a 24/7 cycle of glittery news, gossip and PR stunts. Once in a blue moon, we get a scandal.

Right now in the Nigerian celeb scene, scandals are having more than its fair share of the headlines. Presently, the marriage of a big actress is breaking up right before our eyes.

I don't know about you guys but I am bored. It's the same old story replaying itself.  This marriage drama is very similar to a couple of other celeb marriage drama before it.  OK, don't let me be picky. Celebrity scandals so far this year have been boring. I haven't been entertained.

The last good scandals to me were Davido's baby napping issue with Sophia Momodu. Now that was a good scandal ladies and gentlemen. Davido took shots at Dele Momodu on two songs because of the baby custody beef. Both camps revealed dirty secrets. It was a good way to start the year.


I don't think any scandal has topped Davido's baby custody drama. Toke Makinwa's expose on her love life can get a good shout but it was more of a revelation than a bonafide scandal.

Please, dear Naija celebs, step up your game. Your scandals so far have been boring. Your rants have been dead. We need scandals on a bigger and greater scale. Everything out now is Deja Vu and the shock factor is so low.

We know its off season in football but this doesn't mean things should be low on the entertainment scene as well. Entertain us!

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