AfroCandy: 'My only talent is in acting porn movies'

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Renown Nigerian porn actress, Judith Mazagwu who is popularly known as Afrocandy, has clarified why she acts only in nude movies, admitting that that is the only area her talent can really come into play.

The United States of America-based actress who is also the producer of the porn movies like Destructive Instinct and Queen of Zamonda, also runs a porn site, AfroCannetwork, and has been harangued for her penchant for posting her nude photos but she says she does not care what anyone says about her lifestyle as she has her life to live.


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The divorced mother of two teenage daughters was recently asked why she is in love with controversies but she responded that she does not bother what people think of her as long as she has not committed any crime.

“It is my job and that is what I do for a living. I love acting such movies because that’s what I’m talented in and my fans appreciate it.

I don’t care what anybody says because many of them would still come back to watch the movies and enjoy themselves.

I act well and many people love acting with me. I know how to give men a good time and they always come back for more.”


Reacting to what her children will say about her acting porn movies, AfroCandy said:

“We live in the US where you can do whatever you like, so long as you don’t break any law and it makes you happy.

I don’t watch my movies with my children but I wouldn’t feel bad if they get to watch them. In fact, I’ll love to see their reactions.

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I have taken care of them to a point that they can now stand for themselves. I hear some people saying that I went haywire and decided to do this to go against my ex-husband.


Believe me, that’s not true. I do it simply because I love it. There’s more to come from me and I can assure you, you’ll be blown away. Afrocandy is here to stay.”

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