Amber Rose: American socialite should give her brand of feminism another name

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Amber Rose

Amber Rose's brand of feminism is a joke.

Hip Hop Socialite Amber Rose broke the 'Internet'  on Saturday, June 12, 2017, with her eye-catching post.

Rose who was formerly married to American rapper Wiz Khalifa posted an oil slicked, photo-shopped image of herself with her lady parts exposed.

This is Amber Rose's publicity plan for her annual #slutwalk scheduled to hold on October 1, 2017. This is not the first time Ms Rose has shared an xxx image of herself. The industry she belongs to has attention as its currency.


Amber Rose who formerly dated Kanye West firmly believes that her nude visuals help to push the cause of feminism. Popular journalist and media personality Piers Morgan attacked her for using the feminist tag to promote her private nudity campaign. Amber Rose stood firmly to her ground.


Piers Morgan might not be the most likeable man out there but he rarely gets it wrong in these matters. There are quite a few female celebs who use the feminism toga to promote their own vain agenda. This is not the first time I am writing on Amber Rose. Over the years she had blurred the lines between a movement for women and a personal agenda.


Feminism is a great thing and over the decades it has given women a voice to talk about issues that truly matter to them and humanity as well. As much as there is nothing wrong with an adult posing nude, it never should be placed under feminism.


There are bigger things that feminism can and will achieve. No one has stopped any woman for posing nude. Female celebs pose nude all the time and are respected from Sharon Stone to Serena Williams. Anyone who thinks less of these women because they posed nude is probably not right in the head.


What differentiates these women from Amber Rose is that they never hid under feminist principles to justify their desire to go naked. They don't need a reason to. Amber Rose has muddled up her #slutwalk drive with her personal ambition.

There is nothing feminist about her latest photo. She just wants to be naked pure and simple.

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