Black Panther: It's sad that Wakanda is the most successful African country

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Wakanda is more than fiction, it is a blueprint for African countries.

The movie 'Black Panther' is more than a shiny new superhero movie from Marvel.

The movie made up of a predominantly black cast shouldn't be seen as an attempt to solve the melanin deficiency on Hollywood screens.

Yes, Black Panther is a powerful statement from Marvel execs that black actors can sell a superhero movie. There is no doubt about this. The success of Black Panther would hopefully open more doors for black actors in Hollywood.


Going deeper, 'Black Panther'  is about what African countries can become, especially Nigeria if they can get their acts right. Black Panther is a superhero who also happens to be the leader of the fictional African country Wakanda.


T'Challa (Black Panther) rules Wakanda, the most technologically advanced nation on earth. The Black Panther protects his nation from foreign invaders who want to exploit it's most valuable natural resource- vibranium.


T'Challa's father sold minute vibranium to sponsor the best scholars in his country to school abroad. This is similar to many African countries pre and post independence. The best of minds were taken abroad to study. Unfortunately, many of them didn't come back to improve the situation of things but connived with Western powers to exploit Africa.


It is disheartening to know that there is no successful black nation in the world. The reason we were excited for Black Panther is that it is going to portray a working African nation. It's sad to know the best African country is a work of fiction.

Wakanda is a manifestation of the concept of Afrofuturism- which simply means embracing the past to understand and create the future.

African countries have failed to this. Our culture is ignored and our history is not taught in schools. It is because we lack an identity we cannot forge a new path for ourselves. Foreign nations plunder us at will.


Afrofuturism- an emphasis on technology, culture and heritage will make black nations prosper. Maybe we need a black panther in every African country.

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