Cry Of A Widow: Wife cries for justice after motorist killed husband

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The late Pascal Nnorom and his widow, Priscilla

A young widow whose husband was killed by a motorist in her presence has cried out for justice following the heartless murder.

A young woman whose husband was killed by a heartless motorist in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, has cried out for justice, calling on the government to bring the culprit to book.

The Sun Newspaper reports that the victim, Pascal Chukwuemeka Nnorom, a staff of Union Bank of Nigeria, was allegedly killed by one Joseph Udoh, an indigene of Akwa Ibom State when they had a slight altercation following a minor accident.

The 28-year-old widow, Priscilla, who has been inconsolable since the incident happened on Saturday, May 13, 2017, narrated that Udoh dragged her husband in his car for several poles, leading to his death.

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According to reports, on the day of the incident, the couple had left their Origwe, Elingbu Road residence to attend the wedding ceremony of Nnorom's colleague in Elelewon area of Port Harcourt, when, on their way, a Toyota Camry car driven by Udoh, hit their Honda CRV SUV in the Oil Mill area of the city.

Nnorom, a native of Eziudo Mbaise in Imo State, was said to have alighted from his vehicle and walked over to meet the driver of the Camry to ask why he had hit his car.

However, as Nnorom placed his hand on the door of the Camry when Udoh allegedly refused to alight from his own car for them to resolve the matter, Udoh quickly wound up the glass, trapping the victim's hand and sped off, dragging Nnorom along with him.


Narrating how her husband died in her presence, the distraught Priscilla said:

“After driving off from our home, we passed through Rumukrushi and turned at the Shell gate, before joining the MTN link road where we saw the car trying to link the Oil Mill Road.

The Camry hit and dented my husband’s Honda CRV and both of them stopped and my husband alighted from his vehicle and went to meet him.

But Joseph Udoh refused to alight from his own car. My husband’s hand was still on the door of Udoh’s car and he quickly wound up the glass with my husband’s hand trapped between the glass and the door frame.

Then he sped off and dragged him several poles before he stopped.”

According to Priscilla, in the process of dragging her husband along with the speeding car, his body hit the hard pavement severally. Satisfied, Udoh stopped the car, came down, opened the door and pulled the nearly lifeless body of the victim away and attempted to drive off.

But luck ran out on him as he was stopped by eyewitnesses who stormed the scene and held him. The mob was said to have descended on Udoh and were bent on lynching him before he was rescued by policemen from the Elelewon Police Station where he was detained.

Priscilla added that with the death of her husband, her world has collapsed as he was not only loving and caring but her best friend.

According to her, it was when her husband was being dragged on the express road by Udoh’s car that his spinal cord and legs were broken and he became immediately unconscious.

“Firstly, I rushed my husband to Saint Jude Hospital, Elelewon, Pano Hospital, and later, Saint Martin’s Hospital at Stadium Road.

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He was later referred to Braithwaite Memorial Hospital (BMH) and later, University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH), where he died.

When the mob was beating Udoh, he told them he was ready to die as far as he had done what he wanted to do.

I want justice. I want the government to intervene to bring the killer of my husband to justice.”

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