Evans: It's time for the kidnap kingpin to shut up

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Evans, it is time to keep quiet

The Nigerian Police Force should put a gag on Evans and focus on their investigations.

Every man is allocated fifteen minutes of fame and after that, his time in the limelight is up.

Kidnap kingpin (as we in the media have chosen to call him) Evans seems hellbent to stretch his fifteen minutes of infamy as long as he possibly can.

Evans was arrested by the Nigerian Police Force on Saturday, June 10, 2017. Prior to his arrest, Evans was making it rain by collecting $1M ransom as ransom. The Nigerian Police Force had been on his trail for years but on that fortunate Saturday, the long arm of the law finally caught up with him.


Criminals are known to keep secrets even under interrogation and torture. Evans surprisingly is the opposite of that. The kidnap kingpin (must we continue calling him this?) is the opposite of a made man who has taken an oath of silence.

Since he was paraded to the public on Sunday, June 11, 2017, Evans has been singing like a canary in a choir of birds. He has told the whole world about his operations and how he became a feared kingpin.

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Granted, we would allow the good men of the Nigerian Police Force to have their moment under the sun. They get a lot of bad press (deservedly by the way) but when they get it right we shouldn't begrudge them of their victory dance. Although it is very strange for 'undercover cops' to be recorded in broad daylight dancing to Tekno. Nigeria is a strange country.


Now that their victory parade is over, these police officers should gag Evans. An investigation is still going on. All his statements after his capture should not be released to the public. Evans has said so much that we don't even know what is fact and what is fiction anymore. Did he really say he wants to be the brand ambassador for anti-kidnapping campaigns in the country? Is he really going on a media tour?


This confusion is unnecessary. Evans is in the custody of the police. The only people he should be speaking to right now are detectives, his lawyer and his family. He shouldn't be granting press conferences. He is not Pablo Escobar. The NPF should take the blame for this media show turned media nightmare.


The NPF should be focused more on breaking down Evans' kidnap syndicate instead of scoring cheap points for publicity stake. It is time to shut Evans up.

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