Evans: What exactly is the Nigerian Police Force doing?

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Evans, the kidnap kingpin.

The Nigerian Police Force has once again lost the plot in another high profile case.

Wonders shall never end in Nigeria.

Since the arrest of Evans, the kidnapper, the Nigerian Police Force has forgotten to charge him for an actual crime.

With the public show, Tekno dancing and media tour of Evans by the Nigerian Police Force, you would think that our men in black and blue would have least charged him before playing to the gallery.


The NPF has once again shown its mediocrity and inefficiency by parading an alleged kidnapper without officially charging him. This is a classic case of not getting your priorities right.

Now Evans has gotten his lawyer to ask the police to officially charge him or let him go. There are some jokes that can only be written in Nigeria.


Maybe the police think they can lock up Evans in jail without taking him to court. If you think about how shabby the police force is you won't be surprised at all. Evans' arrest was just a media show.

What do our police officers really do? The violent cult group Badoo is making life unbearable for the residents of Ikorodu. Our dancing undercover men haven't looked into that.


It has been a month now that six students of Lagos Model School, Epe have been kidnapped. There are no tangible leads from our detectives and undercover cops.

Since they have refused to charge Evans maybe they can bring him as a consultant in the kidnap case of the six students. At least for once, they will be thinking outside the box.

Nigerian policemen are specialists at falling hand. A supposedly open and close case of Evans is taking them weeks to deal with it.

What exactly do our policemen do because they are definitely not solving crimes?

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