Hail Satan! 'I have sold my soul to the devil for money' - Nigerian lady

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Diane Emily Kamsi says her soul belongs to Satan

A pretty Nigerian lady based in South Africa has caused a shock when she declared that she has sold her soul to Satan.

A Nigerian lady based in South Africa, Diane Emily Kamsi, has declared that she has sold her soul to Satan and does not want to go to heaven even if such a place exists.

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Kamsi, a University of Cape Town graduate, took to her Facebook page to blast those who claim to be born again Christians but do not have any money or anything to brag about yet still believe they want to go to heaven.

In the post, Kamsi bragged about having sold her soul to Satan in exchange for money and material things and does not care about anyone who sees her post as offensive as she has made so much money and does not want to go to heaven.


The pretty Kamsi went further to recognize and ‘acknowledged Satan as her personal lord and saviour’, believing that she has gotten everything she wants from the Prince of Darkness.

In another post she entitled Hail Satan, the Enugu State-born lady wrote that since her life and soul belongs to her, she has the right to sell it, anyone, she wants.

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Read what she wrote here:

"Stupid, jobless, poor hungry Nigerians, I sold my soul to Satan. So what? It's my life and soul, so I decide on which master to trade it with.

I don't want no heaven without money.

Hail Satan. Ndi Asiridot com."

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