Hilarious: Landlord seizes tenant's pot of Chicken soup over rent

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A pot of delicious chicken

A man in Cameroon saw the other side of his landlord when his pot of chicken stew was confiscated for refusing to pay his rents.

A man who could not pay his house rent for six months was given the shock of his life after his angry landlord confiscated his pot of chicken soup in place of the money.

According to Cameroon News, the incident happened in the Bassa area of Doula, Cameroon, after the landlord stormed the tenant's house and forcefully seized the pot of stew made by his wife.

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It was gathered that efforts made by other tenants to pacify the aggrieved landlord fell on deaf ears as he was said to have vowed to keep confiscating the tenant's food as long as he refuses to pay his rent but has enough money to give his family a treat.

The landlord was heard saying:

“This man has money to prepare chicken but does not have money to pay for his rents; he has not paid his rents for the past six months.

Each time I ask him to leave my house, he reads me some articles of the Penal Code indicating that I might get into serious trouble with the forces of law and order if I kick him out within two months without notice."

Other tenants who witnessed the drama, say their landlord has been very lenient with the tenant ever since he started refusing to pay his rents but they were surprised at the step the landlord decided to take to retrieve his money.

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Although the other tenants admitted to the fact that the landlord was a very troublesome when it comes to renting issues, they couldn't understand why he had been quiet until the day took away the pot of chicken soup.

"It is just today we are learning the tenant had been quoting sections of the Penal Code to scare the landlord away," one of the tenants was quoted as saying.

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