In Kaduna: Soldiers open fire on civilians protesting the killing of an innocent man

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Nigerian soldiers.

An unknown soldier killed a man who was packing sand from a gutter located in front of a military school.

Soldiers in Kaduna State have reportedly killed three people following a clash that has brought serious grief to the people of the state.

This is as a result of a confrontation between a soldier and a civilian named Sunny, now deceased, who was gathering a heap of sand from a gutter close to a military school at Television junction located in the state.

According to the Daily Post News, the unknown soldier ordered him to terminate his activity and subsequently shot him dead for disobeying.

This led to street protest by some angry youths who took the corpse of the deceased to the front of the school and barricaded the road.

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More soldiers responded to this by opening fire on them killing two more people.

DSP Aliyu Usman, the Police Public Relations Officer for Kaduna confirmed the incident to the Daily Post News but directed them to the army for more information.

“Yes, I can confirm to you that the incident happened but call the Army PRO. They are in a better position to react. Thank you,” he said.

The incident is the latest of the high handedness of Nigerian soldiers who are known to be brutal when dealing with civilians.

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