Kidnap: This story of abduction will leave you scared

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Keke Napeps

This chilling of kidnap in Surulere will shock you to the bones.

Kidnap is the hot theme these days and there are many scary stories going around.

Today, Thursday, June 21, 2017, a Twitter user Chris_Goth narrated his friend's almost deadly experience with kidnappers in Surulere.


He said his friend boarded a Keke NAPEP (a commercial tricycle) only to be abducted by armed men who posed as passengers.


"He entered the keke at about 2pm with one person at the back and in front and they picked someone shortly after. All were armed.  They pointed the arms to him and asked him to cooperate, he was told to drop his head and close his eyes like he was asleep.  They took his phones from him, after few minutes of driving, they ended up in a remote street and tried to get  him into a space bus" narrated Chris_Goth.


His friend tried to resist but was overpowered by his kidnappers. The men of the underworld took him to an uncompleted building with other victims. They physically assaulted and took his phones and other items on him.


An argument would ensue with his kidnappers when they wanted to extort money from him. It was at this moment jumped put of the uncompleted building and ran for his dear life.

This story is one of the few kidnapping stories where the victim was able to escape with his dear life.

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